Dissected Visions: A Recontextualization of Identity

Decontextualized street portrait – dissection 1

In this body of work, titled “Dissected Visions: A Recontextualization of Identity,” and consisting of 10 street portraits, each in 4 variations, I invite to delve into a deep exploration of human identity through the transformative lens of the photographic medium. My work reflects a profound narrative that encompasses the broad range of the human experience, prompting questions and stimulating curiosity about our existence, our core essence, and our personal and collective identities.

My approach is novel: I dissect photographic portraits into individual 16-block segments. These fragments are then carefully recombined to create a mosaic-like image that challenges conventional notions of portraiture and identity. This meticulous arrangement of blocks not only alters the physical image but also manipulates the psychological interpretation of the subject’s identity.

Through these visual paradoxes, I encourage the viewer, to reconsider what it truly means to recognize a face, an environment, or an identity. As you engage with my work, you may find your perception of the familiar subtly shifting, leading to reflections on the fluidity of human identity and the external influences that mold it.

Decontextualized street portrait – dissection 2

The art is more than a playful exploration of photographic manipulation—it’s an investigation into the core of the fragility of the body of ‘what’s human’ in times of upcoming unlimited creation and manipulation of digital and physical realities.

This exploration is set within the broader context of our rapidly evolving world. It examines how our perceptions of self and others evolve as we interact with the world around us, and how these interactions shape our understanding of humanity.

I hope to inspire to immerse yourself in a compelling dialogue between identity, recognition, and representation.

All 40 photographs developed on Canson Baryta Prestige 340g/m2.